he surgeons are still forced to harvest drugs from breast implants for Colombian cartel monster Escobar Gallardo. Christian gets a cold reception from bride Kimber when he visits Dr. Merril Bobolit's place to demand he retracts an advert showing her, Troy's masterpiece, off as his work. Julia coaches mother-to-be Gina and defends Christian's father potential. Mr. Parks wants tail hair of his show dog transplanted to Sir Winston's head; $150,000 is more then they can afford to refuse, yet Sean's ethical objections prevail- Merril gets the patient but kills him. Julia offers Sean her wedding ring for sale even though their marriage will never be fine again. Gina gets Christian to have sex with her to speed up her painful pregnancy; shortly after he delivers her, but gets a rude shock: the baby is black, yet he still considers him his son. Escobar demands the docs help him branch out to organ harvesting; when Sean refuses, he shoots nurse Liz in the leg. Sean buys a gun, but is unable to shoot Escobar, who offers him one way out: operate him a whole new identity. Mr. Parks' damage lawsuit puts Bobolit out of business, the partners back on the map. Escobar is surgically transformed into Mr. Armand Otiz; four months later he finds out the face is that of a real wanted criminal, Jorge Barco, when the FBI arrests him.

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