ke Connors is a unique client: he is an author who writes books about extreme experiences, and his newest book contract is for the experience of having breasts, which the plastic surgeons must create, just like his wife's, whose mastectomy made them aware how important boobs are for the female (self-) image. Sean is ready to continue working with Christian as they need each-other business-wise, but won't consider forgiving or understanding Julia to any degree, so he doesn't want her to disturb daughter Annie's routine. Christian's ex, actress Kimber Henry, has finally become a porno starlet and consults the doctors to correct the vagina on a sex doll after her image which should be a financial goldmine; Sean takes the prototype home and has sex with both the silicon - and the natural versions. After his operation was a success, Ike changes his mind because of the pain and as it feels lesbian, to his wife's fury. Julia picks up a non-local businessman Roger in a bar, but he is a masochist who took her for a hooker; now Sean rescues her but returns straight to Kimber's doll.

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