ecause of the loud music Christian's blind girlfriend, Natasha Charles, notices nothing when two brats first moon her and then steal stuff from his sports car while she's waiting in it for him to return from the video store. Ava Moore continues to exasperate Adrian. Kimber Henry believes a palm reader that prolonging her hand lines can improve her faith. She is embarrassed when Julia and her date, Kevin Hodgekiss, greet Sean and her in the restaurant where the then couple celebrated Valentines day last year; in bed Sean promises her the absurd operation. Trudy Nye has the doctors repair her nose, broken 13 years ago by her abusive husband Stan, who semi-accidentally killed their five-year old son Tyler for leaving toys all over the house. When the reconciled couple return to have Stan's face altered, Christian refuses any form of complicity. Christian stands in for Sean's operation on Kimber, and gets her to have sex there, so Sean can walk in on them end break up with her as he wanted. When Sean and Julia confront Ava about her incest while doing it with Matt, she says Adrian was given up for adoption because of a mental issues; he runs away. Christian dumps Natasha after she forgave him 'too nobly' for having sex with Kimber. Trudy returns to have her newly broken nose fixed.

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