hristians hedonistic world comes crashing down when his crazy sex-addicted ex Gina calls him because she has tested positive for HIV, so he fears to be positive too. After confiding into Sean, he gathers the courage to inform his numerous sexual contacts who need to be tested too, including baby Wilbur and his father. Kimber is surprisingly understanding, even tells him he won't be alone and abandoned by everyone. Sean is attacked by a masked unknown, drugged and slashed in the face. Julia helps nurse him but stays with Kevin. It's probably the doing of the madman who attacked a girl at Matts school, and her parents asks him to help personally, which doubtlessly would arouse his utter anger; yet he operates her. Christian visits Gina in a crappy clinic, and finds she's not on the necessary cocktail, lacking health insurance; he can now tell her to have tested negative himself.

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