ow both biological parents have teamed up to demand the court full and exclusive custody over 'his' baby, Christian Troy is ready to throw in the towel- but for once worst-mother-ever Gina Russo motivates him positively, so they still engage the probably hopeless legal fight. While holding and talking on his cell phone while he is driving at the same time, Sean McNamara causes a serious car accident, but without serious harm, except that his attitude towards life is shocked. He now wants to taste life to the full, and first accepts an offer to earn a luxury car by advising crash dummy tests with a corps; next he seeks adventure, but when he goes as far as to encourage Matt, who shows still to love him as his daddy, to eat a potentially lethal sushi in a Japanese restaurant, Julia walks out with his offspring. Joel Gideon is a patient whose love of danger in mountain-climbing caused him to get such bad frost bite that a facial zone including his nose is now dead tissue, and is determined to return to the same mountain after his reconstructive surgery.

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