issatisfied ex-liposuction-patient Bobbi Broderick scares others away even right in the doctors's waiting room, demanding a public admission on TV, or she'll sue them. Life coach Ava Moore 'professionally motivates' Matt between the sheets, to the anger of her own, allegedly jealous, also 16-year old son Adrian, who she regrets not to have aborted. Sean and Julia are not amused when Matt sets off the brand new alarm, sneaking in at night after 'studying together with Adrian' they didn't even know existed. Serial raper-mutilator 'the Carver' sends the doctors both patients, now model Naomi Gaines, and scary packages. Christian decides to offer his alternative pro-bono story to bitch Bobbi's journalist, Andrea Hall, who happily lands in his bed before she even knows his professionally relevant name and succeeds. When the McNamaras invite the Moores for dinner, Adrian sort of hints at the truth and kisses startled Matt in the kitchen, then blurts it out after Ava lies never to have denied him anything; Julia throws the child-rapist out. Bobbi now promises a class-action law-suit, but after Naomi sides with the doctors admits she herself did everything wrong, even missed her job interview on purpose. When Matt goes break up with Ava, she tells him about Julia's infidelity; finding ma searching his room 'you'll have to earn your privacy now' he makes her confess Christian sired him, but when Sean walks in doesn't tell but falls in daddy's arms after confessing his just ended relationship with Ava.

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