he doctors accept to operate pro bono the whore Agatha Ripp, who claims her greatest sin was to have inflicted stigmata to herself and asks them to convince St. Olav shelter and the parish they are fake. The surgeons must reassure pregnant Liz and Julia, who even gets psychosomatic shingles. When the news lands them with a baby's congenital caudal appendix, also pro bono, Sean fails to convince the archdiocese's Father Maley Agatha can't have miraculous stigmata. While still recovering from the operation, Agatha gets unexplained new ones, now claiming they're real but she doesn't want them and the blood is not hers. When Julia tells him Christian is Matt's father, Sean is shattered, furious, throws her out and attacks his partner. Liz also has shattering news for Christian. Then Agatha comes clean to Sean...

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