alking out after winning the state championship, Nathan was about to tell Haley everything when she sees a car approaching, pushes him away but gets ran over badly. The irate father-to-be runs to the car which slipped and stopped, drags Daunte out and knocks him senseless- Dan comes to stop him, but too late- the otherwise so selfish father sends Nathan away and risks everything, pretending to have killed the monster himself when the police arrives. Lucas has a heart-attack causing a coma, during which he is 'visited' by his beloved late Uncle Keith, who shows him things would be even worse for his loved ones if he hadn't been good, but Lucas asks more questions then even a more eloquent spirit could answer. When the doctors tell Nathan the baby isn't even a priority as Haley is hurt so badly, he breaks down, telling Brooke and Peyton it should have been him, the guilty one, he should have died in the river; he even cries out Keith shouldn't have saved him. Peyton finds some comfort in the record-shop; Brooke comes make up. Dan assures Nathan, who visits him in prison, he will be all right; Keith comes haunt him worse then ever, saying "I forgive you- but hell won't". Nathan desperately prays in church for another miracle, not hearing Keith whisper it will be OK, and indeed Haley wakes up, even the baby is saved. Keith fails to teach Lucas the truth about his death, but does convince the kid life is worthwhile.

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