ucas isn't surprised Peyton doesn't open when he calls on her to go to the prom, but ignores she is inside shivering in the hands of the false Derek, who gives her an injection. Nathan was delighted Haley's leg is out of the cask just in time for the Prom, but their car breaks down on the way; without cell phone reception, they decide to walk a mile back to a convenience store, where Deb comes pick them up. Brooke sneaks out and borrows from Mouth his grandpa's car to check on Peyton. When principal Turner denies Rachel entry, she calls out she has a limo with a loaded bar- only Mouth follows her. Peyton shivers when waking up tied down in the basement as 'Derek' photographs her and confiscates her phone in time to make Lucas wait for her at the prom; Lucas tells Glenda he appreciates her company meanwhile. Brooke uses her key and finds Peyton, but is also caught. When Derek hears the girls bitch and offers to cut Brooke open as Peyton's revenger, she asks him rather to let her cut open the shrew, caresses him, kicks and smacks Brooke till she gets the knife, plants it in his back- but fails to loosen Brooke's ties so he chases Peyton to the bedroom, where her boxing skill proves no match for him, yet when he has her positioned for rape Brooke storms in, together they beat him down, make up and join the prom. Rachel deliberately misses a flight to say goodbye dancing, then Mouth decides to go with her to New Orleans. After the disappointing prom, Nathan shows Haley his only ever New Year's resolution in the wall came true: they are back together. Lucas discovers who was in the hallway when Keith was killed. Dan feels the witness to his murder closes in.

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