eacher Nick Chavez drops in at his student-lover Brooke's T.A.R.T. fashion show where Mouth is helping out and gets close to model Tia who suggests her friends and her could end his virginity that evening, but he already has a date with Gigi. Haley has decided to follow Nathan to Duke and starts babysitting for experience and income, but even the first two kids are more then she can handle, while Nathan, who first said he would only like their own child, surprised both of them as a natural dad: the rascals respond great to his basketball lesson. Derek shows Peyton she must by more careful and gets her to return to school, but Lucas must take her back after an anxiety attack; Derek insists she must face her fear as Lucas cannot protect her, and gets her a boxing practice dummy. Daunte tells Nathan he wants pay-back with absurdly high interest unless he doctors the Ravens to win with less then 10 points difference. Deb admits to her doctor she needs pills addiction therapy but steals a subscription pad, and her misbehavior at the drug store gets her arrested; Dan promises to save her bacon if she signs Trick back over to Karen. Rachel makes the cover of "Maxim", then tells Brooke Nick flirts (actually she did), and makes the principal suspend Nick. Nathan finds Deb had squandered everything from the safe, which he hoped to borrow from to pay off Daunte. Meanwhile, Lucas guesses Nathan's deal with Daunte, scolds him but can't bring himself to cross it by scoring. Brooke finds Nick with one of her models and now believes Rachel.

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