Sous titres français pour la série Les frères scott (One Tree Hill) - S08E03

Télécharger les 2 sous-titres français pour "One Tree Hill" The Space in Between

The Space in Between
60 min


In hospital, Quinn starts a full recovery, but Clayton's situation looks hopeless unless he gets a kidney donated faster then is likely. After getting Jamie's blessing and consulting Haley, Nathan volunteers his own, even if that probably ends his basketball career, which is likely to be broken off soon anyway as he back injury worsens again, but is diagnosed incompatible. Julian and Brooke are delighted, yet suspicious if they can believe it, that she get off with a fine and some restructuring. Fraudster Victoria arranged this, willing to go to jail herself. Unemployed Mouth concentrates on his virtually unknown blog, making parallels with famous sports movies.

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