t's Ryan's 18th b-day and the Cohens decide to throw him a party at the Bait shop. Ryan wonders about if he should invite Marissa or not, trying not to give her the wrong idea. Meanwhile, Summer confronts Julie about her knowing Julie and Dr.Roberts' fling. Julie then confronts Marissa about it, and surprisingly Marissa is OK with it. While Marissa tries to get over her break-up with Ryan, Kevin Volchek seems to keep being in the way, and Matt has to rescue her from Volchek's attempt for a talk.Ryan and Sadie gets closer. Marissa looks for Volchek to apologize to him, and comes by the old house that her and Ryan spent a night in. Marissa falls down the stairs and Volchek is there to rescue her. Volchek gets closer to Marissa; and they talk a lot, Marissa gets invited to Ryan's party, but she decides not to go and heads to the beach instead. There she runs into Volchek, and they spend the night at the beach; together. Ryan's birthday goes well; The episode ends with Ryan and Sadie dancing at Ryan's party, and Summer and Seth dancing together, and Marissa and Volchek at the beach, with Marissa leaning over Volchek's shoulder .. you know what that means -- dunh dunh dunh!!! :)

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