ts graduation day and nothing could be more perfect; Seth and Summer are back together & Marissa and Ryan aren't together but are tight friends. The core four is getting ready for graduation, and Marissa receives some news from her father. He's asking her to accompany him on a boating trip (which is a job). This involves Marissa sailing away to Greece for a year. The core four decide its best for Marissa, and Julie thinks so too. Meanwhile, Taylor announces to the group of her acceptance into a college in France and it pains her to say goodbye to them, whereas they couldn't be more happier to be rid of her. Ryan's mother, Dawn, also arrives for the graduation ceremony to see him off. Kaitlin arrives as a surprise for grad night, and tells her mom that she was expelled from her school and she will keep her company (so she'll be living with Julie forever). When the graduation ceremony finishes, they have a go-away party for Marissa and a celebration for graduation. Volchok is around trying to get Marissa to talk to him, because he's really in love with her and can't stand the fact that they're not together. The day Marissa is leaving, the core four decide to go the newly remodeled model home, they spend a day there in the pool, talking about everything. When MArissa goes to the airport, Ryan is driving her there, so he'll be the last to say goodbye. The drunk Volchok, and his accomplice Heather, catch up with them and demands to talk to Marissa. Things get out of hand which leads to Volchok ramming them over a cliff. This leads to Marissa dying in Ryan's arms...

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