lan is physically crushed by an overweight black patient who went trough his back because of too many tranquilizer pills and collapsed like a mountain chain when Judith calls to pick up Jake from school, so he phones Charlie, who doesn't pick up: he would have to leave a lover in bed. Repentant this forces Alan to cancel a working day to see Jake's principal about an 'intolerable' drawing of well-endowed female classmate Barbara Charlie rather fancies, Charlie offers to help out, grudgingly finding that means answering the practice phone all day, and first getting up at seven to face traffic at 10 miles an hour. Charlie follows legally binding instructions not to touch any patients, but hires a sexy masseuse, who soon has men lining up for non-medical 'therapy'. At Jake's school, Alan manages to antagonize Barbara's equally well-endowed mother, only to find the principal has the rack of all terrace builders records.

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