lan let a girl-friend pierce his ear, rather then.., Charlie sneers it's badly infected and that side is a gay signal. Finding Berta in his bed after minding her daughter Naomi's baby and hearing them curs the scumbag who seduced her, Charlie soon guesses that's Alan and warns his brother it's his old damsel-in-distress-complex and Berta can physically take him on easily. Seeing the 'couple' pretend not to remember each-other, Bertha - welcomes him into the family and showers her best-ever potential son-in-law-to-be with treats; Alan wants out, Charlie tells him just don't break up till she dumps him, as they always do. Unscrutinably stupid Jake keeps winning gambling against Charlie. Naomi makes Alan bring the Harpers over for a family dinner at Berta's, even Evelyn who decides to 'cut him loose' right there. Then the baby's actual father, Hector, turns up...

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