aptain Hero's friend from college, Unusually Flexible Girl, shows up at the house one day. It seems that while they were 'friends with benefits' at school, they made a pledge to get married if they were still single by the time they turned 30, and now that the big birthday has arrived, she's ready to make good on the promise. Captain Hero is taken by surprise however, even more so when he learns that she's been deliberately staying single because she's in love with him. Hero asks Wooldoor to try and convince UFG that she shouldn't marry him, but Wooldoor manages to mess it up and ends up engaged to UFG himself. This of course makes Captain Hero change his mind and try to get UFG back, which in turn makes Wooldoor want her for real. While this is going on, Foxxy hears her old band mentioned on a 'Where Are They Now?' show. Incensed that the group has been forgotten, she tracks down her old band-mates and convinces them to make a comeback. After a wild night of celebrating, however, Foxxy wakes up to find that her friends have all been killed in a car wreck, leaving her to try and carry on the band's legacy herself.

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