hen Wooldoor is discovered frantically humping the kitchen appliances, Foxxy realizes that he's beginning puberty and initiates him in the art of masturbation. Princess Clara is disgusted by Wooldoor's enthusiasm for this newfound activity, and sets out to convince him to channel his energies toward God. Her first effort, however, inadvertently causes the gang to discover that Wooldoor's sperm (which he calls a "Clum Baby") has the power to cure disease. While Spanky and Foxxy begin selling Wooldoor's Clum Babies as a miracle cure, Clara looks for some other way to get Wooldoor to control his urges. Meanwhile, Ling-Ling has been going to clubs every night and picking up female battle monsters to fight with before ditching them the next morning. His life in the fast lane comes to a screeching halt when his father calls with an announcement that a permanent battle partner has been arranged for him. Is Ling-Ling ready to settle down for a life of fighting just one monster?

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