he boys arrived in Cannes and it seems like a dream come true. Drama has some trouble with his room, because he has none. When Drama meets a female fan of his show "Vinking Quest", he has to stretch time until he gets a room and they can go there. When he finally gets a room it is one that does not live up to his expectations. Yair offers the boys money if they want to sell it, but they refuse. Eric is worried about this, because he and Vince put their own money in it and it is not clear if they will ever get it back. Ari tries to convince Nick Rubinstein, who had to stay at home, that they will get a better offer, but Nick is also worried. Ari also ties to hype this movie by calling Lloyd on his vacation and telling him that he wants him to tell everyone about "Medellin". At the "Medellin" press conference, Ari meets Dana and tells her that he is about to sell "Medellin"

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