ill and Coker take sanctuary at an abbey, whose abbess says she wants to set up a haven for blind and sighted refugees. However Bill discovers she is sacrificing old and weak people to the Triffids to keep them at bay. He travels to see his father, collecting two gun-toting little girls on the way. Jo, having realised that Torrence lied to her about Bill's death, makes a broadcast warning people about him before escaping from London and also arriving at Dennis's. Father and son aim to create a mutant Triffid which will sterilise the existing ones when it mates with them but Dennis is stung whilst experimenting and dies. An aeroplane flies overhead distributing leaflets to say that Coker has established a Triffid-free community on the Isle of Wight in an effort to rebuild society and Bill and Jo and the girls intend to go there. First, however, they must overcome not only the menacing Triffids outside the house but Torrence and his gunmen, who show up threatening to kill the girls if Bill does not get rid of the Triffids. An African mask and a recording of Triffid cries are all Bill has to save himself and his companions. Will he succeed?

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