oey scorns Michael's 'nerdy' book club meeting at their home, till he notices a few foxy members and insists to be let in so he can date them, and encourages club president Michael to change the bylaw against relationships and make a pass at his vice-president Jane. Alas the girl proves so shallow as to ask Michael to be introduced to Joey instead, who already has tabs on two other members. When Gina, who is jealous of a colleague whose clients include Hollywood celebrities, makes Joey present a portfolio of her hairstyles, all modeled by Michael, to his Hollywood agent Bobbie, she laughs at asking any star, but eagerly turns her horny attention to delectable Michael. Alex however is easily railroaded to ask a friend who is a producer. Finding out about Jane, Michael exposes Joey for not reading the book and asks him expelled, only to learn to his disgust nobody else reads the weekly books anymore and leaves himself...

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