oey and Alex barely realizing in the morning they took consoling each-others love-hurt straight into buff-sleeper Joey's bed, when Gina and Michael find them there. Gina did such a good job barking at Bobbie about her 'assaulting' Michael that the sleazy agent hired Gina as second assistant, veteran assistant Jason isn't dumb enough to help her getting worked in. Joey's character has won the televoting, so Bobbie demands better conditions, but pushes too far- he's killed off at Deep Powder, she is down to her last marker to get him an audition for an independent movie; Joey also meets extra Zach, who claims he can get him to see Kevin Smith. Michael can't resist when foxy new tenant Jenna mistakes him for 'big actor' Joey, for him as stressing as an audition. Joey's nerves make him bumble at the Kevin Smith audition.

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