oey gets a letter his former best friend Jimmy Coasta, who suddenly split 22 years ago without saying a word, is coming. Everyone is surprised Jimmy looks like a "homeless", quoting Gina who is quite nervous because as she told Alex she had sex with Jimmy then and tells him in private that Joey doesn't know about their past relationship but Gina and Jimmy start making out again in Michael's bedroom, Joey enters then and finds out the past too. Jimmy explains that's why he never said good bye, afraid of telling the truth. Joey is very angry, but after reminiscing with Jimmy, they make up. However, Joey and Gina see that Jimmy has the same mannerisms and interests as Michael, who was born 9 months after Gina and Jimmy last 'met'. Michael and Jimmy prove matched geniuses solving maths and science problems, but fight frustrated, so even after Gina tells Michael that Jimmy is his father he doesn't want to know him. Joey, flattered to be chosen as substitute-pa, makes his cousin reconsider... Meanwhile rich star Joey's attempts to fraternize with low-paid film crew get him addicted to...

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