oey takes Gina's warning he cannot ruin their friendship by going to bed with Alex (again), but finds it very hard to turn off the mood, while she feels undesirable when he manages. Joey throws a Christmas party, using his celebrity status to make it attend by a host of desirable young females; Alex refuses to stay being too hurt, but did arranged in advance for his seasonal wish to come true: snow, but when he sees it she has thrown herself in the arms of ... Meanwhile Bobbie has a weird relationship with an overbearing older Britton with a cane and a worse attitude then Joey. Michael, rather overconfident after two girl-friends, and Zack, who keeps dropping names of celebrities he's supposedly close to, repel girls worse then ever. While Howard is happy to adore Joey anyhow, ignoring being ignored, Michael still rightfully feels constantly abused: especially Joey keeps vandalizing the sugar house his nephew builds, while Bobbie and her beau use the kid as kissing-dummy.

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