oey has his father flying over first class from New York to the big premiere of his action movie. When dad arrives, Joey gives him details about the movie and the premiere, but Joey Sr., a master-plumber, doesn't seem quite interested. Joey doesn't realize it, but his father never has shown any interest in his career, Joey Sr. always has an excuse to avoid the issue. Joey is in the street with Michael seeing the movie billboard, which has a big portrait of Joey. That day, Joey and Carmen Electra set up a date for the next night. Later a big billboard of a new Carmen's perfume, with a very suggestive photograph, outshines Joey's billboard, monopolizing the attention of the public. During the premiere night, Joey explains to his father all the details about some dangerous scenes, but bored he only pretends to listen. Alex seems to be the only person interested in Joey's movie. When the movie ends up, Joey and his father have a very serious talk in the bathroom. Angry Joey says maybe it wasn't a very good idea to invite him as he never was interested in his career and flushes his father's VIP pass. Joey Sr. feels terrible and in order to makes up with his son, he'll try to rescue it, using his plumber skills. Meanwhile, Joey is in Carmen's apartment, but feels uncomfortable because he's envious of her billboard's success and gets strange thoughts about his father.

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