fter his movie's success, Joey's next step up is gaining creative control (in his mind, the right to cast hooters to his liking) by starting his own production company now Bobbie got him a three movies deal. Joey decides he wants to hire as development executive for his new cool office Jimmy, who understands far more about movies and always wasted his genius (Michael's smart genes) sucking at lousy jobs. James 'Jimmy' Costa insists to do an interview, is his usual rude daft self but Joey twists Warner Bros. VP Trent (whom he still can't recognize after 30 meetings)'s arm to hire his in-law, who proves a changed man: early for work and ambitious- far too much for lazy Joey, and after a while completely out of control, with a 10 year plan to run half the world... Michael discovers people love Joey's movie, except a whole website "JoeyTribbianiSucks.com", which is run by some Gary; no, he never even heard of Joey, but has a teenage daughter Kaley- Joey gives her a charming date, but she persists, as it turns out being jealous because of a teen-boy... Meanwhile Alex has broken up with Dean, and needs to be comforted.

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