oey has made a mess of his last chance movie audition and hits rock bottom when harpy Gina, who Bobbie assigned to bring all her bad news, asks him how to do so with actors and starts using his own line on Joey, repeatedly. Michael is happy when date with Jenna, who mistakes him for cool actor Joey, made him 'no longer a virgin above the belt', but needs the real Joey to play him, nerd Michael, on a double date with her visiting cousin Marci, who just ended military service. Alex isn't pleased with 'generic' wooing and hands Joey 'homework' to understand her better. Joey is desperate enough to take factotum Zach's offer to meet Kevin Smith, but that's not a contact, the weirdo just kidnapped the director's pet dog. They get in but voices in Joey's head make him to crazy to say a line, Joey thinks they stem from the others, constantly requiring his help. After a pep-talk from Gina, he auditions again on his own...

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