oey stars in an action movie, so the director hires excellent stuntman Chuck, a modest workaholic who actually asks the star permission to follow him and get instructions to pick up his mannerisms; Joey enjoys this 'live action figure' rather too much, but trooper Chuck takes it all like an indestructible man. If there's anyone on set Joey can't stand, it's script girl Abby (he can't remember, calling her Ally), whose job is correcting his badly learned or cuing his forgotten lines, which is all the time. However when she meets Michael on set -where Zach is installing himself as a comfortable free home- they hit on instantly, only each time she approaches Michael near Joey those two fight, so badly the director ends up firing her for the star's sake; Michael is as furious as he can get... After Bobbie tells Joey to respect limits with staff to avoid lawsuits, he apologizes to Chuck but also forces him to toast on a fairer rapport- alas Chuck is an AA graduate, who instantly relapses and makes a crazy jump which breaks his arm, and he can't afford being fired, so guilt-crushed Joey must... Meanwhile Alex is delighted to be photographed by a paparazzo as Joey's n-th sexy date, but keeps worrying what line they should suggest to the magazine...

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