oey is trying to impress his girlfriend Candace, who he hired as interior decorator, but is instantly and intensely disliked by her grandmother Gloria, who says he resembles her hated ex Herman. When the director of her rest home's annual musical is sick, Joey saves the play by directing, with Zach, who is actually fairly good at it. Bobbie's mother, an even more overbearing harpy, demands a lead. When perfectionist Zach fires Gloria, Joey takes over, but stinks at directing, and even when Zach returns... Meanwhile Alex and her ex Eric are dividing their possessions, reason to use the therapy of writing down her frustrations in a letter never to be sent, and at Gina's instigation one to 'Dimples', actually Joey, but when Joey grabs the notebook from Michael's hands he thinks the boy is gay, yet sits on him 'right there', and is made to believe it's to Eric, whom he now encourages to court Alex again...

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