n a night out with neighbor Veronica, Fiona's bag is stolen and handsome stranger Steve chases after the thief. While he isn't successful in capturing the thief he does succeed in capturing the eye of Fiona, she invites him home to meet the rest of the Gallagher family. Lip discovers a hidden folder full of gay magazines belonging to brother Ian and attempts to "test" him with a trip to Karen Jackson's house but things don't go according to plan when Karen's dad Eddie walks in and realizes whats going on. After chasing Lip and Ian away Eddie returns to collect his stuff and storms out leaving wife Sheila heartbroken. Lip gets Karen's verdict on her earlier test on Ian and the results disappoint him. Steve attempts to win Fiona's heart with a new washing machine, but soon realizes she can't be bought. Lip is furious when he discovers his brother has been sleeping with a married man, who happens to have kids. Steve comes clean with Fiona about how he really earns his living after taking her out for a meal and finally wins her over. Lip has a heart to heart with Ian and accepts the fact that he's definitely gay.

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