ina's grief from her sudden miscarriage is eased when an unexpected opportunity arrives in the form of Oscar, a member of her and Bette's therapy group, who asks her to volunteer at his social insurance office and they find some dirt on Fay Buckley, the fanatically conservative leader of a religious right group who's bent on shutting down Bette's art gallery which leads to a live television debate. Shane's relationship with Cherie becomes complicated when Cherie's unsuspecting husband, Steve, wants to invest in Shane opening up her own hair salon while he asks her to spend time with his emotionally distant teenage daughter, Clea, who also makes a pass at Shane. Marina and Francesca have an argument over Francesca wanting to leave town again for a job. Jenny tries to help Tim whom begins to date Trish, one of his swim team students. Dana also gets a new liberal hairstyle and tries a fling with Jenny, but it doesn't work. Alice worries that she might be pregnant after her flings with Lisa and Andrew. Also, Kit makes her return to the stage during a club party with Slim Daddy.

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