enny tries to explain her situation and her confused sexuality to her one-time college roommate, Annette, who suggests they stalk Marina's girlfriend, Francesca, after she arrives in town. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina attend group therapy in preparation of becoming parents while Bette faces off against a militant writer, named Yolanda, who questions Bette's self-image as a mixed race. With her Subaru endorsement contract in full swing, Dana, with Alice in tow, decides to come out to her right-wing parents during a formal ball for Mrs. Fairbanks despite knowing they will not approve. Kit is offered by an agent to help writing a song for rapper Slim Daddy. Also, Shane throws Clive out of her place after seeing him reverting back to his old criminal self when she catches him pilfering items out of her own apartment to support his drug habit.

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