ix weeks after Dana's death with everyone still grieving over the loss of their friend, Helena takes over planning Shane and Carmen's upcoming wedding to be held at the Whistler Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada. Meanwhile, Shane travels to Portland, Oregon where she has a reunion with her long-estranged father, Gabriel, who has remarried and has a 10-year-old son where Shane invites them to the wedding. At the Whistler resort, Helena pitches in when she has Carmen's family flown in for the wedding celebration while Peggy Peabody also arrives to reconnect with her daughter. Meanwhile, Jenny and Max continue to drift apart due to their differences when Jenny feels that Max's determination to live as a man is not part of her world, which leads to Jenny having a brief fling with a French-Canadian lesbian writer named Claude. Kit has stunning news about her newfound romance with Angus that she's pregnant. Bette continues to become uncomfortable with Tina having Henry along, while she begins having second thoughts about suing Tina for sole custody of baby Angelica. Also, Alice continues to drown her grief with anti-depressant pills, and having mindless sex with Lara, until a talk with a feminist pastor gives her some inspiration to move on with her life.

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