it hires Billie Blaikie, a transvestite party promoter to get the business up at The Planet with a gambling night, while her son, David, quickly disapproves of Billie's presence. Meanwhile, Jenny wonders where she stands with Moira as they take an eventful road trip back to California, where they pose as a man-woman couple, encounter hateful redneck teens, and dance at a out-of-the-way gay bar for women. Back in Los Angeles, Carmen's overbearing mother attempts to turn Shane into a more feminine person prior to a family gathering. Following Mrs. Collie's advice, Bette and Tina try to find a male role model for Angelica leading them to hire Angus Partridge, a struggling musician to help. Helena tries to help Alice get over her obsession with Dana and becomes more depressed and dependent on anti-depressant pills after learning that everyone has forgotten about her birthday. Also, Dana deals with health problems after Lara feels a lump in her breast during a session of their lovemaking.

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