aige decides it's time to confess the truth to her son, Jared, about her romance with Shane. When Jared reacts negatively, Shane tries consider a more permanent solution by considering buying a house so they all can live together. Alice has a hard time accepting that Tasha is heading back to Iraq for another tour of duty and feels betrayed that Tasha never revealed her intentions of returning to war before allowing Alice to fall in love with her. Helena looks for a way out from the evil Catherine's financial clutches and seizes an opportunity (with both hands) to get out of the gambling high life... by stealing all of Catherine's ill-gotten cash and splitting town. Papi helps spearhead a beach side going away party for Tasha. Bette gets a heaping dose of honesty from Tina when she looks to her for advice on wooing back Jodi who's left for upstate New York, which leads Bette to ask Alice and Shane for help to construct a large artwork to win Jodi back. Tina returns to the lesbian fold and Kate Arden lets her know she's interested, but Tina has eyes for someone else: Bette. Phyllis gets more than legal advice from Joyce Wischnia when she pursues a divorce. Fearing that the mentally unbalanced, sociopath Jenny may cause the studio to pull out of producing 'Lez Girls,' Tina and Kate Arden unwisely decide to exclude her from a meeting with executives. But Jenny uncovers their plans and barges in the meeting anyhow, and apparently ruins the whole deal. But later, Kate has a surprise for Jenny by firing Jenny and hiring the vindictive Stacey Merkin to take over the screen writing for the movie. Also, Max decides to go to San Francisco to get his final gender change surgery underway, and Kit slowly becomes warmer to Angus once again.

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