ette decides to break up with Nadia by telling her that their forbidden romance could jeopardize both of their careers. Meanwhile, Helena tries to cater to a party that Phyllis throws at her house, while she continues to have her own steamy affair with Alice. But later, Alice ends it with Phyllis after meeting her husband, Leonard. Alice also gets upset by one of Jenny's short stories, titled 'Lez Girls' which gets published in 'The New Yorker' magazine. Bette struggles with her growing feelings for Jodi. Max also fears for his job after his breakup, but good luck still stays with him. In the meantime, Jenny continues her deranged quest to destroy Stacy Merkin by going after her girlfriend Lindsey, and fueling the conflict between them. Tina and Henry catch Angus in a compromising position with their nanny Hazel. But when Tina confides in Bette about it, she persuades her not to tell Kit to avoid hurting her feelings. Also, Shane continues to keep Paige company over them babysitting for Shay and Jarrod.

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