fter the revelation at the Pink Ride, Jodi vows to fight for Bette. But a talk between Bette and Jodi comes to nothing because Bette confirms to love simultaneously Tina and Jodi. The twisted Adele finally goes over the deep end when, after weeks of planning, she makes her move to take over Jenny's career and movie rights to 'Lez Girls', by stealing Jenny and Niki's sex tape made during the bicycle marathon camp out and shows it to the producers, stating that she will send copies of it to various TV networks if she doesn't get ALL the movie rights. When Dawn and Cindi buy 51% of the rights of The Planet, Kit reaches her peak and plans to murder Dawn with her newly bought gun, but is interrupted by Bette who asks her to pick up Angie. Kit then disposes of the gun in a trash can. Tina, with problems of her own on the Jenny-Adele case, constantly calls Bette to check if she has broken up with Jodi. Tasha and Alice look for a place to move in but troubles arouse when splitting the rent of it. Alice is invited to a party hosted by a New Zealand lesbian fashion designer, named Clea Mason, whom she meets on the TV cable program 'The Look'.

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