hane and Molly share a passionate morning before meeting Molly's mother, Phyllis, and Joyce for breakfast. Phyllis asks if Molly is taking the internship during the following summer that they once talked about, Molly replies that she will spend the summer surfing with Shane, who was unaware of the internship. Shane is later confronted by Phyllis who says that Shane is not worthy of Molly's being and must break up with her. Helena Peabody returns to Los Angeles to visit her dying mother in the hospital and is gifted by her family's wealth once again. Once hearing of Kit's loss of The Planet while she was away, Helena brings a mighty tempting proposition to SheBar co-owner Cindi: the chance of escaping Dawn's claws by selling the ownership documents of the bar, which Cindi gladly accepts. Meanwhile, Alice almost kisses Clea Mason, but doesn't end up falling in temptation despite her continuing problems with Tasha. Elsewhere, Bette gives a speech supporting Jodi at her new art exhibition, but later Jodi attacks Bette by humiliating her in front of everyone. Filming on 'Lez Girls' finally wraps up as everyone arrives in all the glitz and glamor to the film's celebration wrap party, where Bette reunites with Tina at last. The deranged Adele tries to ban Jenny and her friends from attending and continues to pass off the work as her own (as well as continuing to impersonate Jenny). But Jenny, with Tina's help, pushes her way into the party anyway and sets the record straight by giving a powerful speech demolishing Adele's character, but also says how thankful she is for the rest of her friends' loyalty and trust, ironically in that same moment, Shane betrays Jenny by seducing Nikki where Jenny walks in on them. Looking towards Shane, Jenny (more angry and cynical then ever) vows revenge...

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