hile Niki is enraged by Jenny's vindictive way of leading her on and then dumping her, Bette encounters an old friend from college, named Kelly Wentworth, whom was her first lesbian lover, which makes Tina question how much she trusts Bette. The revenge-seeking Jodi continues to frustrate and taunt Bette. Joyce asks Phyllis to marry her, to which she says "yes". Meanwhile, Max receives the most devastating news a female-to-male transitioning person can receive: he/she is four months pregnant while Tom tries to make sense of it. Elsewhere, Tasha and Alice attend couples counseling, where they wonder whether or not they should stay together. Helena encounters her former flame Dylan Moreland, apparently out of the closet, in the Hit! club, and does not hesitate to reveal her anger for Dylan's past betrayal. Kit also hires a flamboyant transvestite, named Sunset Blouevard, as the new DJ and Master of Ceromonies at Hit!. When Shane gives up on asking for Jenny's forgiveness, Jenny says she loves her... and they kiss.

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