lice walks in on Jenny and Shane after their night of passion, and naturally does not hesitate to gossip about it to everyone she knows before they have a chance to explain. Meanwhile, Tina gets into trouble with her boss, Aaron, when the film negatives for the movie 'The Girls' (which the producers changed from "Lez Girls"), have been stolen from the studio and Tina gets blamed because of her frustration over the movie's new ending. Tina thinks Jenny stole them, but Jenny denies it. But the real unseen culprit soon frames Tina for the thief by sending a ransom e-mail from Tina's office computer. Bette continues to have problems at work with Jodi harassing her, while Joyce and Phyllis announce their engagement to everyone. When Phyllis turns down Bette's request to fire Jodi for insubordination since Jodi has the grounds to sue the entire university for wrongful termination, Bette concedes defeat and decides to quit her job. Elsewhere, Alice makes a decision to change her media career by writing a screenplay, but gets hurt when Jenny puts her own by insulting her rough draft of a script. Alice also gets fired from 'The Look' talk show when she defies her employers and reads a heart-felt letter on-the-air about a gay-bashing incident.

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