enny throws a baby shower for a overwhelmed Max. But during the party, Jenny, being the nihilist person she is, spills the beans to Dylan about the girls hiring Niki to seduce her as a test to Helena's loyalty, which causes Dylan to get upset and Helena to go crazy. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina attempt to find ways to work around the Nevada state adoption law when Joyce tells them that the state's law will not grant adoption to a non-married lesbian couple. While Tina flies to New York on a new movie project for her studio, Bette and Kelly throw an opening party at the art gallery. Kit meets a handsome stranger at Kelly's art gallery, but doesn't warm up to his advances. Elsewhere, Alice, Tasha, and Jamie spend increasing amounts of time together which begins to take a toll on Alice who begins to think that three's a crowd. Also, Shane desires more freedom from Jenny's clinging possessiveness when Jenny shows her a new photography studio for her to work. Shane then tries to seek an escape by trying to hook up with Niki, only to get shellfish poisoning.

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