he girls partake in the annual 24-hour Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center's dance marathon at Hit! with Sunset Boulevard as the MC. There, rumors fly about Tasha and Alice's relationship troubles when Jamie begins to play both of them against each other. Tina reveals that she may be moving to New York to open her own movie studio and ponders asking Bette to come with her. Sunset Boulevard makes a shocking revelation to Kit that HE is the dashing young man who is trying to pick her up when not in costume. Jodi shows up at the dance marathon with her new girlfriend to further taunt Bette by entering one of the dance contests. The twisted Jenny further meddles in Bette's life by threatening to tell Tina about Bette's alleged tryst with Kelly, while Jenny further humiliates Shane when she correctly suspects her of cheating on her with Niki again. Dylan shows up to reconcile with Helena who accepts. The next day, when Bette and Tina go to the bus stop to pick up the potential surrogate mother whose child they plan to adopt, she's a no-show.

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