harlie Jade, a missing persons detective, finds a lost and scared young woman on the steps of his office. He doesn't believe her bizarre tale of being abducted and taken to another dimension until later when he is asked to identify her body at the morgue. This puts Charlie on the trail of 01 Boxer which leads him out in the desert as he follows "01". When Charlie tries to get a better look at the Vexcor facility he observes Reena and her lover in a shoot out with guards and is caught up in an explosion at the facility. Jasmine, Charlie's girl friend, can't find any trace of Charlie and when Charlie later wakes up out in the desert he finds that his world is some how different. Searching for clues Charlie meets up with Karl, a conspiracy journalist and resident of this alternate universe. Karl helps Charlie search for Jasmine while looking for answers of his own and the two of them come to the same conclusion: that Vexcor and 01 are responsible for what has happened.

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