fter the explosion, Charlie awakes in a desert under the gaze of an unknown young girl. The girl takes him back to civilisation where he meets Karl who takes pity on him. Karl takes Charlie to Cape Town not Cape City as he expects and Charlie begins to explore. He goes to his apartment and discovers it is derelict and condemned. He tries to find his drug dealer but the people at his house have never heard of him. Eventually, after many hours of searching he sees Jasmine and follows her back to a bar where she works. Unfortunately, when he confronts her she does not recognise him and Charlie is ejected from the bar. He remembers the unknown female missing person case he was investigating before the explosion and goes to the Glass Door night club where he discovers missing person posters of the unknown female. This is the last straw for Charlie as he wanders away from the night club lost and alone in a world that he is beginning to realise is not his own! Meanwhile back in the Alphaverse, the Corporation have begun an investigation into the explosion and appoint the sociopath O1 Boxer as their envoy to the other verses to try to get their corporate plans back on track in order to achieve their economic ambitions!

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