aving been freed from his imprisoned cell, the evil sorcerer Ambrosius Vallin retains corporeal existence from Kevin's blood and sets up a lair underneath the Dante's Cove lighthouse where he continues to use his powers to call upon Kevin. But when Ambrosious' former fiancée, Grace, too enters corporeal existence, she attempts to break up the union with her own black magic. When Grace uses magic to kill Kevin while he's recovering in the hospital, Ambrosious retaliates by imprisoning her in the bowels beneath Hotel Dante, and uses the darkest magic to resurrect Kevin to make him his companion for all eternity. Meanwhile, Toby and Van try to find out what is going on due to the weirdness of Kevin's death and mysterious resurrection, and try to find leads which Ambrosious tries to prevent them from finding out his connection to Kevin. At the same time, Ambrosious uses his powers to take control of Corby as his slave to have him keep Toby and Kevin apart as he prepares his grand plan, while Grace tries to escape from her dungeon. But in the final battle between the evil Ambrosious and the MORE evil Grace, no mater who will win... all of us still lose.

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