oby and Kevin struggle to build a relationship while contending with the ordinary obstacles of jobs, troublesome exes, and well-built hookups, as well as the extraordinary obstacles from evil sorcerer Ambrosius and his continuing mission to gain Kevin's love. Meanwhile, Van decides to commit herself to stying the Tresum Order of magic, which puts a strain on her relationship with her girlfriend Michelle. Aided with advice from the ghost children, Stephen and Betty, Van and Toby decide to team up to try to stop Ambrosious. But the final result has drastic consequences for not only them, but Cory still under Ambrosious spell. Elsewhere, Diana Childs is a mysterious woman who arrives in Dante's Cove and has a connection to both Ambrosious and Grace, who still resides and looks after the ominous Hotel Dante. Other new characters include include Marco, the handsome new owner of the local outdoor bar H2Eau where Toby works at the bartender; bad-boy Kai, who can be counted on to get his customers whatever they need, legal or illegal, and Brit, another new employee of H2Eau.

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