ix months later. Resident witch Grace Nevill magically materializes back in Dante's Cove from the netherworld realm where she learns that Hotel Dante as well as her sea view estate was destroyed in a series of mysterious earthquakes and tsunamis, and that five of the gay/lesbian former residents of the hotel; Toby, Adam, Trevor, former H2Eau bartender-turned-marine biologist Brit, and her newest love interest, Elena; reside in her windward inland house. Grace also learns that her pupil Van died in the tsunami that destroyed Hotel Dante and her former lover-turned-enemy Ambrosius Vallin (now calling himself 'Bro Vallin') has bought out the H2Eau bar and is Marco's new boss. Kevin, now residing with Ambrosius, seeks a way to get away from his clutches by learning Tresum magic. Meanwhile, Toby continues to reject Adam's advances while Trevor makes a move into Adam. Two new faces arrive in Dante's Cove: a dashing but mysterious bisexual playboy/warlock named Griffen, a representative of the Tresum Witches Council to reprimand the self-obsessed Diana Childs over her increasing magical powers; and Michelle who also arrives back on the island, but who brings with her a mysterious and evil presence.

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