arney believes that Marshall and Lily's relationship is in major trouble solely because Lily makes Marshall wash his dishes immediately instead of letting them sit in the sink. He sees it as a sign that Marshall is panty-whipped, and that he should stand up for himself. Marshall follows Barney's advice which leads to Marshall and Lily having the biggest fight of their lives. Conversely, Barney says that he and Robin never fight, with each having a technique to avoid fights. Ted doesn't believe it as Barney and Robin are the two worst people when it comes to being in a relationship. But because of the noisy neighbors Ted and Robin have - Ted and Robin using the euphemism of "playing the bagpipes" for what the neighbors are doing - Ted believes he's come up with a way to find out for sure if Barney and Robin are telling the truth. The actions of one of the couples allows the other couple to overcome their short term situation.

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