lacking the beginning] Taking a shortcut when getting gas, Russel Varron and Kira Underlay pass an upside-down, practically flooded mobile home trailer and dive to investigate it. A mysterious light approaches underwater, and while Jesse observes fascinated causes an explosion, which knocks the boy out. Kira flees but alerts his dad Rssel, who immediately dives, sees the light disappear and carries Jesse to hospital, where ma Mariel diagnoses 'mere' glass cuts and gives him her own blood because AB- is short, but it nearly kills him because of a hemoglobin count above normal except for aquatic creatures, presumably the result of a sample mix-up in the hurricane confusion; she develops a strange obsession for water, and admits to Jesse something unspecifiable is wrong. Larkin Groves threatens the sheriff to become the story (media target) unless he helps her explain a military convoy from the town to the Keyes; Army general Turner, highest ranking military officer in the area, lies about an Air Force clean-up for chemical leakage from a busted sewage plant, which in fact was closed a month earlier; Tom shows her, in strict confidence, they really recover Paxton's crashed plane for 4, using anti-contamination equipment. A jeweler can only tell Dave the lost ring is an ordinary Valentine wedding model.

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