onah becomes angry when he discovers that Riley hasn't told her family that she and Jonah are engaged. Upset over their fight, Riley turns to Auggie for comfort, leaving Jonah in the cold and more jealous then ever. Meanwhile, the mean-spirited Caleb reassigns Ella after a film director bails on a job that she's covering. She recruits Jonah to fill in on a Boomkat music video at the last minute. However, the egotistical lead singer, Kat, might be more than Jonah can handle, putting Ella's job on the line. David finally accuses Michael of murdering Sydney. Lauren applies to be on Michael's team at the hospital as she continues her secret moonlighting as a call girl through Toby's contacts. Also, Violet continues to make her moves on Auggie to gain his affection both at work at Coal, and at Melrose.

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