he police are investigating the death of a man who fell, or wash pushed, in front of a commuter train. There were no witnesses and the only thing other commuters remember was a street person who reeked of urine but no one can really remember what he looked like. At the scene, Allison has a vision of the body with a fast food name tag on his lapel but as Det. Lee Scanlon points out the man is wearing a suit and looks a bit too old to be someone who worked in a burger joint. He's eventually identified as Adam Talmadge but they find little else. When Allison dreams of a woman being pushed in front of a train by the same homeless man, they search for a connection between them. Joe meanwhile has to travel to Minnesota when Allison dreams that his mother is severely ill. His mother refuses to accept the fact she will die based on the fact that Allison had told her some years before that she would be at Bridgette's college graduation.

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